Midfielder Tommy Rowe is looking forward to entering his third year at the club, as he prepares to captain his side for the 2018/19 season.

The 29-year-old was very coy when setting his personal aims for the season was but was more than happy to state all the teams’ ambitions of trying to reach the Championship this season.

Rowe said: “I keep my targets to myself, but I do wind up the other forwards that for the last two-years I’ve beat most of them in the scoring charts. In this formation [4-3-3] it’s a license to get forward sometimes but you do need discipline, knowing your roles and when to go and when not to go.

“It’s vital that our communication is good because we’ve got our vision and ambition we’re all clear in that we want to play at a higher level nobody wants to settle to stay in League One and no disrespect to the league, but football is about advancements and we want to go to that next level which is at the Championship.

“For this year it is about us as a unit: ‘where can we go?’ ‘what do we want to achieve?’ it’s just confidence and pushing this group of players to go where we know we can.”

Wearing the armband isn’t new territory for Rowe, but he feels he has big shoes to fill following James Coppinger’s stint as captain.

Rowe added: “It’s a great honor. It’s a privilege coming in when I did and having Copps and Butts as captains and I picked up a lot in terms of knowing from them. With James he is a natural leader, he’s been here so long that he carries it well.

“We get on really well and he’s one of those people that you can go up to and talk to he’s got time for you whenever you want. Copps is still there and you know he’ll be in the shadow and this season will probably be one of his best seasons again. Year-on-year you know he’s getting better.

“I’ve had the captaincy before at previous clubs Stockport and Peterborough, which was when I was young, and it was a case of then leading by example and your communication skills have to improve and the way you play.”