An emotional match saw Rovers take all three points away, from an in-form Morecambe with a 1-5 thriller at the Globe Arena.

Just one change for Rovers today, as the injured, Frazer Richardson, was out, and in came, Harry Middleton.

Rovers XI: Marosi; Blair, Wright, Butler, Evina; Houghton, Rowe, Coppinger, Middleton; Marquis and Williams.

Rovers Bench: Etheridge, Garrett, Calder, Mandeville, Longbottom, Beestin and Fielding.

Morecambe XI: Roche, Wakefield, Edwards, Whitmore, Conlan, Kenyon, Rose, Barkhuizen, Dunn, Ellison and Stockton.

Morecambe Bench: Nizic, McGowan, Mullin, Molyneux, Fleming, Massanka, Jennings.

The game began with an enormous buzz, as it was Coppinger’s 500th appearance for Doncaster Rovers.

We started off bright, with high tempo passing, making it really hard for Morecambe to get onto the ball. Obviously, this paid off, after some good work from a set piece, Butler manages to give Rovers the 0-1 lead early on.

Shortly after, Middleton sets up Marquis, who nets hit third of the season giving us the 0-2 lead within around 20 minutes.

However, things didn’t last well for too long. Once we scored the second, we seemed to become comfortable, and didn’t keep a lot of possession, consequently inviting more pressure towards the end of the first half.

Morecambe then capitalized on this, and got a goal back just before half time, and in all fairness, it was a good goal – not too much Marosi could’ve done.

In the second half, Rovers dominated from beginning to end with a second goal from Marquis (assisted by Coppinger), a goal from Matty Blair, who played some superb football in the run up to his goal, and then the man himself, the legend, the master, Sir James Coppinger, finishes off the goals with a screamer of a goal, that I can still close my eyes and see just bulging through the back of the net!

There were some bright signs too, as Alfie Beestin made his first professional football league debut, replacing James Coppinger late on, which was pleasing to see. He didn’t have too much time to make an impact, but it was nice to see him given a chance.

The scenes at the end topped it off, what was a magnificent day, and it brought a tear to my eyes – as I’m sure it did everyone else’s – to see the players and staff, and even some Morecambe fans honouring the legend himself, James Coppinger.

If we keep playing like we did today, against a very good Morecambe side, then I am very confident for the rest of the season, because I truly cannot think of anything bad to say about the team or individuals after today.

My Man of the Match: James Coppinger