Doncaster earned their first three points of the season at home to Cambridge with a 74th minute goal from striker John Marquis, after he earlier missed a penalty.

Ross Etheridge, Riccardo Calder and Niall Mason were out, and in came Marko Marosi, Mitchell Lund and Tyler Garrett.

Rovers XI: Marosi; Lund, Wright, Butler, Garrett; Houghton, Blair, Rowe, Coppinger; Marquis and Williams.

Rovers bench: Etheridge, Calder, Middleton, Mandeville, Pugh, Evina and Fielding.

Cambridge XI: Norris, Long, Coulson, Ballison-Lisbon, Clark, Dunne, Keane, Mingoia, Berry, Elito and Williamson.

Cambridge bench: Gregory, Taylor, Adams, Roberts, Legge, Pigott and Newton.

We begin the first half dominantly, and didn’t look like the shambles that we were in the first half v Crawley.

Marko Marosi looked very confident in goal; was always coming off his line, and even did some Stuckmann esque saves, because he parred one or two shots away, but as long as that doesn’t lead to the opposition scoring, I won’t complain.

Ferguson also said that it was a, “tough decision” to drop Ross Etheridge but thought it was in the best interest for him that he has a break, after receiving some criticism, but emphasises, “he’ll be back.”

I was disappointed for Tyler Garrett in the first half, because he started well, but unfortunately injured his ankle, and I could tell by the way he was limping that something wasn’t quite right, but the left-back still gave his all, and continued to try for the team, but was replaced by Cedric Evina at half time.

When Evina came on, he did very. He ran down the left side of the pitch, creating some very good chances, and he even had a shot on goal at one point but it was blocked by a Cambridge defender. Like Ferguson in his post match interview, he now needs to be consistent with his performances, and he’ll be a real asset to our squad this season.

John Marquis continued to perform, running endlessly back and forward, and he had ample chances to make the score line greater for us, but that isn’t too much of a concern right now, because still won the game.

So, that is another area I think that we need to work on is being more clinical in the box.

Overall, I think this was just the result we need, and although Cambridge are yet to win a match, I think they’re definitely going to be challenging for the playoffs this season, because they are a very good side, and considering we have a number of key-experienced players out injured right now, it shows that there’s still even more to come from us!

So onwards and upwards from here on – hopefully!

My Man of the Match: John Marquis