Things began to turn sour, as Doncaster went into halftime down 0-1, but managed to rescue a point, with some excellent set piece work between Coppinger and Blair during the second half.

Two changes for Rovers today saw Middleton, Garrett and Marosi dropped to the bench, and in came: Etheridge, Coppinger and Calder, so Rovers went with:

Rovers XI: Etheridge; Wright, Butler, Mason; Blair, Rowe, Coppinger, Houghton, Calder; Marquis and Williams.

Rovers bench: Marosi, Garrett, Lund, Middleton, Mandeville, Beestin and Evina.

Crawley XI: Mersin, Young, McNerney, Davey, Blackman, Boldewijn, Smith, Payne, Clifford, Banton and Collins.

Crawley bench: Beeney, Arthur, Harrold, Yorwerth, Bawling, Tajbakhsh and Pappoe.

Well, that first half today was utterly poor, and we looked awful with passes going left, right and centre, and constantly misplacing possession.

Another thing that we kept on doing was passing back to the Etheridge constantly, this then putting him under pressure, and I think he’s a very nervous goalkeeper, and passing it back to him, and putting him under pressure wasn’t helping.

Coppinger under-performed too, giving away possession, and not really being any help to the game, in the first half, anyway.

Then it comes to Crawley scoring, and it was another comical goal, where I don’t know what Etheridge did, but Collins was surprised that the ball fell to his feet, he didn’t know what to do, because even he expected our goalie to save it, but he ended up just tapping it in.

Rovers then went off to boo’s at halftime (again), which I’m against doing, because I think if you’re going to boo, save it till the end.

Anyway, in  the second we came out as though we are a completely different team, and the first corner we got in the second half, Blair linked up well with Coppinger to beautifully strike the ball into the net!

It was game on then, and we constantly attacked Crawley.

One little criticism from the second half was that we need to take more chances, there some points where we should’ve had a shot, and would’ve probably scored, but instead we insist of passing it around in the box, and by that time it’s too late, and we either miss, or it gets blocked.

Marquis looked excellent again, constantly running at their defence and not giving up, so I really hope he manages to get a goal under his belt soon, just to give him the confidence boost.

Garrett is another player that impressed me, who came on for Wright at half-time, because I don’t think I saw him make a single mistake, and he got forward a lot for a defender, and got some decent crosses and passes in.

Mandeville impressed me too, he similarly, helped with us attacking, because he was involved in pretty much all of our attacks when he came on, so I think he’s worthy of a start soon, to be honest.

In some sad news, it looks like Niall Mason could’ve had a short stay with us, as he could be going back to Aston Villa after suffering a ligament injury; hopefully all is well there he seems to be a good player!

My Man of the Match: John Marquis – was a tough choice no one really stood out for me today.