Doncaster begin their life in league two with  a frustrating defeat away at Accrington Stanley. 

Rovers were without: Gary McSheffrey, Paul Keegan, Craig Alcock and Luke McCullough for the first game of the season, and this is how the two sides lined up:

Accrington XI: Chapman, Donacien, Beckles, Hughes, Pearson, Conneely, Brown, Clark, Boco, McConville, Gornell.

Accrington Bench: Parish, Davies, McCarten, Jones, Hery, Hewitt and Eagles.

Doncaster XI: Etheridge, Lund, Butler, Mason, Blair, Rowe, Coppinger, Houghton, Calder, Marquis and Williams.

Doncaster Bench: Marosi, Garrett, Middleton, Wright, Mandeville, Beestin and Evina.

Well it looked to start brightly for Rovers, as just minuets into the game the referee awarded a penalty after Accringtons goalkeeper committed a foul on our forward.

Williams stepped up, and unfortunately missed, and then another shot straight after was fired at Chapman, but was collected up safely by Chapman.

It’s crazy how, had we scored that penalty things may have been different.

But we didn’t. And things soon got worse with Accrington taking the lead from a defending error on our behalf.

Tommy Rowe replied with a sensational goal – I really can’t wait to watch him through the season he’s going to be our best player!

But Accrington still carried on pressuring Rovers with attacks before taking the score to 2-1 just before half-time, from conceding a goal that even Ferguson felt Ross Etheridge should have stopped.

The squad then walked off at halftime only for a minority of fans to begin booing, which I think was a bit extreme, but that wasn’t the worst of them minority of supporters; wait till end.

Coming out for the second half Rovers looked a lot more tougher, and Matty Blair was excellent down the right hand side, because he’d run from corner of pitch to the other, and still manage to get past opposition players, and get a cross into the box, only for the players in the box, not to score from it.

Towards the end of the match Andy Williams managed to pull one back for us, so it looked like we had taken a point – which I think we deserved, because we played very well, and Accrington played okay, to be fair.

But during seven minutes of added time, Accrington stole all the points, to go and win 3-2.

I was very disappointed with Calder, Coppinger and Lund today I thought they were very poor, and weak, so I’d be surprised if they start next Saturday.

On a positive: Tommy Rowe, John Marquis, Niall Mason and Matty Blair were all exceptional, they were very confident fast, and didn’t panic when on the ball, and they all brought something to the game.

Now, my last complaint is not of the players or Darren Ferguson. It was again our minority of supporters. Some booed them off – granted, more fans did applaud the lads, because at the end of that day it was the opening game, and there’s plenty more to go – and then fans were shouting abuse at the likes of John Marquis, and then there was a mini little scuffle on the way our, where stewards had to intervene, and personally I think this sets a bad example of our club to both: Accrington and our new players.

My Man of the Match: Matty Blair