After relegation the board members at Doncaster Rovers faced the music as they hosted another of their bi-annual, Meet the Owners event last night.

Well, supporters got us off to a flying start with a question about Paul Green, and Ferguson was quick off the mark to say that, ‘there isn’t anything in the pipeline’, and judging by his facial expressions, and his sheer surprise at how much fans want Paul Green I don’t think there is any solid interest in signing him – at least for this season.

Also, Keshi Anderson was pretty much ruled out of any return, with Ferguson saying that percentage-wise it would a low percentage for Keshi to return, because he’s still struggling from his injury, however he did say he had been in contact with Crystal Palace, and Alan Pardew, over a possible return.

Then, a question was asked regarding why we got relegated – a question we’ve all been wanting answered and we couldn’t seem to agree on an answer, and Dick Watson gave possibly the best answer of the night saying we’ve been missing, ‘real grit, team spirit, and pride to wear the shirt’.

This clearly highlights the level of passion the board want to see, and with him saying that, that is something we’ve missed over the past 3 or so years, could suggest it’s been bad recruitment from previous manager(s), or a bad attitude from previous players too.

Hopefully, like they say, this time round the recruitment has been done well, and from where I am stood I think we’ve done excellent in the transfer market, but we’ll have to wait for against Accrington to see if these signings work well in a team.

During the night there were questions asked about why Darren Ferguson is still manager, and the board backed him saying they still believe he is the man to give us success again – and I share that same view as them too!

There was also some positives shed on spreading the catchment area for the fan base, by going to places around Doncaster, such as Pontefract and Wakefield to try and persuade more – particularly younger fans – to come to the Keepmoat and support Doncaster Rovers.

They also talked about being able to sell tickets in local libraries, and other public places, so that tickets are more widely available instead of having to travel down to the ticket office, and possibly have to queue up for your tickets.

Team news wise, Paul Keegan should be back training very soon, Ferguson says he had no time off over the close-season as he was constantly keeping his fitness up, and was unlucky to get injured.

Also, interestingly he jumped to the defense of Aaron Taylor-Sinclair saying he is fully aware of the abuse he gets, and that he doesn’t understand why he gets it, when Ferguson believes that he has improved. This seemed to of divided the room, with supporters agreeing, and others not.

Personally, I think Taylor-Sinclair was inconstant last season I did see some good games, and some bad, which even led to us scoring, but if you look at the bigger picture, there were numerous inconsistent players last season, and a few players, which made mistakes leading to goals, such as Stuckmann, but everyone makes mistakes.

Ferguson, also said Taylor-Sinclair is doing well with his injury, as his brace is off, and spent some time on the exercise bike earlier.

Overall, I was very impressed with how the board conducted themselves, and spoke about the club, and where we’re going in the future. I just hope that everything they said comes true, and that in the near future we do become a sustainable Championship club.