After relegation from league one, to two, it seemed the chances of signing Tommy Rowe had turned quite bleak. But in an exciting change of events Doncaster Rovers sign the midfielder for free as his contract at championship club, Wolves has ran out.

Rowe spent a few months at Rovers on loan at the end of the 2015/16 season, and has made a massive mark on the team, by controlling midfield, and scoring goals, and also creating them.

I think he is going to be a massive player come league two next season, and this really emphasizes our passion, as a club, about getting back to league one.

I also believe, all other signings that  need to be made now is: McSheffrey, who I think would also be Ferguson’s next target, as well as: striker, goalkeeper and two midfielders.

I’m really excited for this summer, because if we continue to make these types of signings I can see a really successful season on the horizon, and Rowe will also be exceptional in league one, if we was to get there.