As the 2015/16 season closes, I’ve decided to a look down the bleak memory lane of a season, which many (including myself) will want to forget. But some of it wasn’t too doom and gloom. 

This season we have seen many players signed, and brought in on loan. A lot of players, such as Keshi Anderson, Conor Grant, Tommy Rowe and Gary McSheffrey are four players in-particular that stand out for me that was here for a short period of time. I think one of these four could’ve been player of the season, had they been here for long period of time. However, my player of the year would have to be Craig Alcock. This year has been difficult as a team, and it’s seen many changes to the starting 11, and it’s meant that there have been players, who haven’t been consistent enough in the starting 11 to earn this.

Alcock joined Rovers in November 2015, on loan, from Sheffield United. Since then he was signed permanently in January 2016 transfer window, and his regularly started for Rovers. He’s always put 100% effort into every match he’s played in, and is constantly running for the ball. He’s made a great partnership with Andy Butler, and I think with two more defenders alongside them two in the summer will make a solid defense for league two.

We’ve seen a good share of goals this season, and one certain goal stands out for me, and that is when Andy Williams was on fire with his goals, and couldn’t stop scoring, and this goal was Andy Williams’ V Oldham Athletic. It was that good that it even got a shout out on Gillette Soccer Saturday, by Jeff and the lads. If only he kept on pulling these off all season, we might have stood a chance, however we needed a tighter defense too.

Also, we’ve played quite a few games this season, believe it or not, because some I don’t think that the players turned up to. But, the FA Cup game V Stoke City was by far our best game of the season, although we did lose. The atmosphere at the Keepmoat was electric, and I think everyone was so pleased with their performance that day, that the result didn’t matter. However, since that match is when went on a run without winning for 17 games.

Through out the season we’ve seen a lot of our youth break through into the first team: Mitchell Lund, Harry Middelton, Liam Mandeville and Will Longbottom. I think the young player of the season for Rovers has to be Will, simply because of the year he has had. I know he hasn’t played as much, as Mitchell, Harry or Liam, but they all had runs in the first team last season, and Will only signed this year, and came on during a difficult circumstance against Burton on last game of the season, and it was a difficult situation for him with us being down to 9 men, and against one of best teams in league.

Finally, the season finished with Doncaster relegated to football league two; which is our first time back in the league since 2004.

We’re in the need of a massive clear out, to get rid of some dead wood, who haven’t really contributed to our season and/or had a positive impact on it, for example, Gary Mackenzie and Dany N’Guessan. If we deal with the transfer window correctly, and stick with Ferguson through pre-season I think we’ll definitely bounce back.

Overall, this season has been a disappointment, to say the least. Yes, we have had some good times, but it just hasn’t been good enough, because with our team we have, and budget, we should’ve been in the play-offs at least. Lets hope that next season is a lot more enjoyable, and we bounce back soon!

WATCH: Andy Williams’ goal V Oldham Athletic:

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