Rovers go from not winning in 17, to now being undefeated in the past 3 games, but relegation still stares at them in the face!

Chaplow was forced out of the 18 man squad, due to injury, and Riccardo Calder came in for him in the first team, so Rovers went with:

Rovers XI: Matthews; Lund, Alcock, Butler, Evina; McCullough, Rowe, Calder, Coppinger(C), McSheffrey and Williams.

Rovers Bench: Stuckmann, Mackenzie, Taylor-Sinclair, Middleton, Stewart, Mandeville and Tyson.

Coventry XI: Charles-Cook, Ricketts, Stephens, Martin, Philips, Fleck, Vincelot, Jones, Rose, Murphy and Armstrong.

Coventry Bench: Addai, Lameiras, Maddison, Lorenztzson, Gadzhev, Tudgay and Fortuane.

Doncaster began the first half by piling pressure on by  attacking Covntry, and forcing them to concede a few corners, and free kicks.

The corner gets us into the position where Gary McSheffrey just crosses the ball in and meets Tommy Rowes’ head to give Rovers the early, but deserved lead.

A few minuets later Gary McSheffrey, who by the way has been exceptional for us in his short time here, was brought down and ended up being brought off for Tyson, and he looks to be injured, and it turns out that McSheffrey has jarred his leg, and that ‘could’ be the last we see of him this season, so that’s a bit of saddening news, because he has had a tremendous impact on us.

However, with Tyson on, he manages to cross a ball into the box only to meet Andy Williams, and for him to convert that into a goal, giving us the 2-0 lead with only 30 minuets having been played, of the first half.

So, at least that’s a positive that all though McSheffrey had gone off, Tyson stepped up to the mark and got an assist, pretty much straight away.

During the second half we didn’t seem to cause as much pressure as we did in the first half, but with some good defending from Butler and Alcock we managed to keep the clean sheet! Although, Lund did make me gasp a few times today.

Calder didn’t look too good on the ball either today, he kept on giving away passes, and during the first half had a really clear cut chance to score, but bottled it, and kind of stood there with the ball. I never thought I’d say this, but I think we missed Chaplow!

Overall, another fantastic game for Rovers, and they continue their fight to stay in league one, but just three points from safety and with a difference of 10 in goal difference, with only 2 games remaining, over Fleetwood. It’s going to get a lot more harder, and be a lot more stressful.

My Man of the Match: Tommy Rowe.