After going 16 games without a win, Doncaster managed to beat a Wigan Athletic side, that have not lost away since 12th September 2015, and haven’t lost since 12th December 2015. Spectacular turn of events!

Ferguson made one change following the 0-1 loss at Bury last Saturday. Middleton out and Alcock would return after serving a one match ban, so Rovers went with:

Rovers XI: Matthews; Lund, Alcock, Butler, Taylor-Sinclair; McCullough; Rowe, Coppinger(c), Chaplow; McSheffrey and Williams.

Rovers Bench: Stuckmann, Evina, Tyson, Mandeville, Stewart, Middleton and Calder.

Wigan XI: Jaaskelainen, Warnock, Pearce, Barnett, Daniels, Perkins, Morsy, Power, Wildschut, Grigg and McAleny.

Wigan Bench: Nicholls, McCann, Davies, Jacobs, Morgan, Vuckic and Wabara.

The first half started off quite worrying, because players, such as Chaplow was going into dangerous tackles, and I pick Chaplow out, because he actually got booked early on for a foul.

Wigan applied a lot of pressure during the first half, and Doncaster didn’t look to be in the game what so ever, they was essentially running riot.

Aaron Taylor-Sinclair, again letting us down, he kept on giving away passes, not winning headers, and in my opinion was responsible for their goal, so just a normal day at the office for him!

Now, Wigans goal. The reason I blame Sinclair for this is, because the ball, and Grigg who I believe it was, was stood with the ball, now Sinclair being a defender should’ve gone up to him and pressured him, but he stood as far away from him as he could, and stayed glued to the ground.

Consequently during half time Taylor-Sincliar was brought on for Cedric Evina, which I think should’ve happened weeks ago, because Sinclair doesn’t seem good enough for our team, and although Evina had a bad game at Colchester I still believe he’s one of the best left-backs in the league.

This is where it gets fun! The second half. Who would’ve expected that, aye? One nil down and this happens.

Two set pieces within 2 minuets, and Andy Butler – who is one of our own – heads both of them in to give us a 2-1 lead with 30 minuets to go. It’s quite funny how last week at Bury we have 28 corners, and don’t convert any, however this week we score from two corners in two minuets. Bizarre, but that football for you.

So, with 30 minuets left on the clock your heart starts pounding, and your body becomes a lot more tense, because we know Wigan are at top of the league for a reason, and I could see it turning out like the Rochdale game. Drawing, when we deserved a win!

But, then in the 86th minuet, Perkins brings down Gary McSheffrey, who by the way made a superb run, the referee – get this – actually awards a penalty! Can’t remember last time we got a penalty. Williams steps up, and shoots it straight down the middle, scoring his first goal since 16th January.

By this time it was almost certain that we had won the game, and the players looked to have gained a tremendus amount of encouragment from that score line, and looked quite comfortable to be fair.

So our fight to stay in league one continues, next onto Chesterfield away this Tuesday (19th April).

Special shout out to: Gary McSheffrey, Craig Alcock, Andy Butler, Luke McCullough and Tommy Rowe, who were all exceptional today, and it was between these five for man of the match, however I could only pick one man of the match!

Man of the Match: Andy Butler