Doncaster Rovers fans have taken to social media to express their anger towards the board of Doncaster Rovers after local journalist, Liam Hoden, reveals they did not attend todays 2-2 draw with Rochdale.

Yes, you heard that correctly, after weeks of debates about who is to blame for Rover’s current rot fans have been quite tense, and have began to turn on each other, as fans express different opinions and views on the current situation.

During today’s 2-2 draw at Rochdale, journalist Liam Hoden tweeted just after half time the following:

Rovers chairman, chief executive and two majority owners NOT in the directors’ box at Spotland today

This then caused an uproar on twitter triggering some very intense responses:

One fan claimed that the board do not care about the mess Rovers are in
tweet 2
Another fan accused the board of being money grabbers and calling for Terry Bramhall to leave the club. 

There are obviously other fans, who disagree and blame the management (Ferguson, and previously Dickov) then others blame the players.

After all that drama calmed down it was revealed that the board were actually away on business in Thailand working with new kit sponsorship partners, FBT(although not confirmed by the club). Obviously we are not aware whether this is true or not, however it probably is more than likely true, due to the fact that they have attended every home and away game this season, so I don’t understand why people would throw criticism for them not attending one, when they’re are away on business trying to help the club.

However, the debate continues as Rovers still sit in the bottom four, four points away from safety with 6 games to play, so in true Rovers style it could be left down to the last minuet, and I do believe that we will leave it to last match to decide our fate!

If your feeling down about the recent form of Doncaster Rovers I’m sure this video will cheer you up, I know it certainly cheered me up!