After a thrashing on Friday Rovers looked to end the rot with a math against relegation rivals Blackpool, after Ferguson branded them as a, “complete embarrassment” after suffering a 4-1 defeat away at Colchester. 

Evina and Stewart were dropped to the bench, due to poor performances, and Tyson was dropped to, due to taking a knock against Colchester, so Rovers went with…

Rovers XI: Matthews; Lund, Alcock, Butler, Taylor-Sinclair; Middleton, Coppinger(c), Rowe, Calder; McSheffrey and Williams.

Rovers Bench: Stuckmann, Evina, Chaplow, Tyson, Mandeville, Stewart and Longbottom.

Blackpool XI: Doyle (c); White, Aldred, Robertson; Higham, Philiskirk, Norris, Potts, McAlister, Blyth; and Cullen.

Blackpool Bench: Ferguson, Paterson, Osayi-Samuel, Smith, Latheren, Aimson and Yeates.

Well, well, well, where do I start? At the beginning of the match Rovers looked sharp, they were pressing Blackpool, getting into difficult places, but just was not shooting, and it looked like they didn’t want to shoot. However, I can understand it was hard for the players to get started, because of poor refereeing, from a premier league referee, Keith Hill! He constantly stopped play for challenges, that should’ve been played on, then when serious challenges were made he didn’t batter an eye lid.

Going towards half time we looked like we really wanted a goal, but it just wouldn’t come, then two minuets left of the half we get a corner, and it lands, well I couldn’t see, because there was so many bodies in the way, but atleast three of our players had some very close chances that needed to be hit away from Doyle, but they hit all three shots towards either the goalie or Blackpools defense, and it was one of those situations where you think, how did we not score that? I think Stuckmann shared the same view, as he was off of the bench ready celebrate.

Now, staying on Stuckmann, should he be given another chance? Today I can not count the amount of times that Remi Matthews made me gasp, because I for one did not feel confident with him in goal at all, so maybe could Stuckmann make a return.

During the second half Rovers continued to mount pressure on the seassiders, seeing shots from the likes of Tommy Rowe hit the cross bar, leaving the net rattling for a good ten minuets, while echos of,’ohhhh’, erupt round the stadium. Then shots from Middleton and Williams all off target got the Keepmoat buzzing.

Alcock played a tremendous part in today’s performance, because he made some fantastic runs, got in some excellent crosses, and most importantly kept Doncaster in the game for as long as possible, because Blackpool should’ve been 1 nil up earlier on because Matthews was off his line, but Alcock just cleared it straight off the line, and definitely earned him self a start for the next match.

Finally, we get to the point where we lose the game. Yet again a comical goal we concede. From what I saw it was chipped over Matthews, but I’ll need to re-watch it again, because to be honest as soon as that shot happened I sat back in my seat, and felt my heart just slow down, because I knew that was that. We need to defend a lot more better, and if we concede, we need to concede by some goals that make you think, ‘Wow that was actually a good goal.’ But we never do!

My man of the Match: Craig Alcock.