January 2nd 2016, is the last time Doncaster Rovers won a game, and earned three points. It’s not mid March, and they haven’t won since, only scoring two in their past eight games. Consequently meaning tensions have rose at the club on: board, management and players, but who is to blame?

Firstly on the board, I believe that we can not complain too much, because we could have a board like Blackpool, Charlton’s, or even Massimo Cellino at our club, so there is a silver lining. In my opinion the board are not to blame, although I can understand why some fans have pointed the finger towards them, because since they have come in we’ve been relegated from the Championship, and we’re now battling to stay in league one. But, they have appointed Ferguson, which at the time everyone was head over heals, and was behind him and saying stuff such as, “This appointment shows the boards ambition”, but we go on a bad run, and all of a sudden its the boards fault, and they have no ambition, because they haven’t sacked him after five months.

Now, onto the management, fans have been wanting Ferguson sacked, and this is increasing Darren Ferguson during extra time known as now more, and more we lose, but the fact is this is just a bad run, and because he has only been here five months, he hasn’t exactly had enough time to make his own squad, and add depth to the squad too, but right now we have a shallow squad, that is relying maybe a bit too much on youth, but Ferguson can not do a lot about that. Maybe as people say we should have, ‘splashed some cash’, during January, however things was good then, we comfortably beat Southend United away, had a fantastic display in the FA Cup against Stoke City, so we didn’t really require anyone at that point, and I don’t think anyone can honestly say they predicted this predicament that we’re in right now.

Finally, onto the players, yes I agree they’re not doing well right now, and one thing I am noticing more and more about them is their lack of commitment, and they seem scared of their own shadow, to be brutally honest. If we’re being attacked the defense will run back, and back, and back until they can’t run back any further, consequently giving the opposition more space, and time to punish, which they do. Now, you could say, “Well Ferguson should tell them not to do that”, however I am pretty sure in a couple of his interviews he has commented on telling them they need to be more tight, so it makes it look they’re not listening to Ferguson at all. Then there’s the other hand where we attack. Other than Tyson or Gooch we don’t like much of a threat, because we just keep passing backwards and backward. Thankfully against Bradford the other night Tyson scored, which will hopefully give us a bit more confidence for the match this Saturday against Peterborough going forward, but I think for us to get out of this ‘rot’ we need to score first, and not concede first, and we have a perfect opportunity, because we’re coming up against Peterborough, who are doing just as bad as us – form wise that is – so come down to the Keepmoat Stadium, back the board, back the manager, and back the players, because if we don’t then no one will, and we haven’t got time to waste, because we only have ten games to save our league one status.

Darren Ferguson during, ‘Fergie time’.

Where ever you sit in the stadium whether its the black bank or not, this Saturday V Peterborough lets all sing our hearts out, and here is some inspiration:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmA4RKFggCw&feature=youtu.be