After a disappointing defeat at the weekend Rovers will be looking to end a run, which has seen them not win since 2nd January 2016, in what hopes to be an entertaining Yorkshire derby.

For this match I think there is definitely some urgency regarding this being a 3 pointer, not only will Rovers be fighting for the derby bragging rights, but they’ll also be wanting to take the three points, as it could prove crucial in their fight against relegation.

In all matches this year – 2016 – Rovers have had one amazing half, but then have slacked in the following half, and this needs to be sorted out, because it is really costing the team points, and fans are beginning to lose patients with it. A prime example was last Saturday against Shrewbury, when Rovers had a dominant first half, but then for the second half came at and played very poorly. For Scunthorpe they need to be on high alert for the full 90 minuets.

Selection wise, I would definitelydrop Aaron Taylor-Sinclair, because I think Ferguson has given him plenty of chances now, but each game I keep seeing more and more mistakes from the young left-back, which can cost us games, and some times does. I would definitely favor Evina over him, or the Calder, who can also play the left-back role.

The controversial one for me, however is Andy Williams. I think he needs more time on the bench to be able to get his head together, however I don’t think I can see Mandeville and Gooch scoring in his absence, and Tyson may struggle on his own, so this will definitely be a selection headache for Ferguson on that front.

For me I would go 4-3-3 and would have a line-up that goes as follows:

My XI: Stuckmann; Lund, Alcock, Butler, Evina; Calder, Gooch, Grant; Williams, Mandeville and Tyson(c).

My Bench: Marosi, Mackenzie, Taylor-Sinclair, Middleton, Keegan, Stewart and Carberry.