Richie Wellens returned, but this time as opposition, as new signing Riccardo Calder got his football league, and Rovers debut in frustrating defeat to Shrewsbury Town. 

Rovers saw three changes as Evina, Chaplow and Williams were all dropped, and in came Riccardo Calder, Liam Mandeville and Andy Butler, so Rovers went with:

Rovers XI: Stuckmann, Lund, Alcock, Butler, Taylor-Sinclair, McCullough, Calder, Gooch, Grant, Mandeville and Tyson (c).

Rovers Bench: Evina, Williams, Mackenzie, Keegan, Stewart, Middleton and Jones.

Shrewsbury XI: Leutwilder, Grimmer, Whitbread, Knight-Percival, Brown, Clark, Ogogo, Black, Mangan, Whalley and Vassell.

Shrewsbury Bench: Wellens, Kaikai, Vernon, Halstead, Akpa-Akpro, Cole and Smith.

Doncaster began very positively in the first half, due to them having majority of the possession, and also they had loads of shots, but unfortuantley didn’t manage to convert any of them shots into goals.

Leutwiler was challenged by McCullough in the first half when he had a cracking shot from outside the box, which forced Leutwiler into making a crucial save Shrewsbury.

At half-time it was looking extremely positive for Rovers, as Shrewsbury didn’t seem to pose a threat at all, and in my opinion they seemed quite timid in the fact they was keen to time waste, and made some tackles, which were dangers, because they was nervous when ever Rovers had possession.

However, as you may know when the second half came around, Shrewsbury were still performing awful, however Rovers started to get carried away, and they didn’t seem as energized as they did during the first half. Shrewsbury punished this by managing to keep possession of the ball, and managed to get into some tricky spaces, which made Rovers fans gasp for air.

The goal, which was conceded was a bizarre one for me personally, because I didn’t even know it went in, I thought it had hit the side netting, but Whalley, actually managed, from the corner, to beat Stuckmann, due to curve on the ball. In Stuckmanns defense there was not a lot he could’ve done, however there could’ve been someone covering the far right post to try and clear any shots off of the line.

Since then the game had died for Rovers, and they didn’t seem like they wanted to win it, even with the substitute of Evina, Stewart and Williams, didn’t seem to affect the game at all, other than Stewart’s free kick, that forced Leuitwiler into another save.

Overall, I think Calder had a superb debut, due to the fact he had some tremendous pace, and a lot of skill on the ball, so in my opinion I think he is a hot prospectus, and may be crucial towards this part of the season, because he also had quite a lot of shots on goal too. I think this is a game Rovers should have won, because they were the worst team that I have seen at the Keepmoat this season, and once again Rovers have slipped up. Changes need to be made urgently for Tuesday night against Scunthorpe, otherwise questions will be asked regarding Doncaster’s league one status.

My Man of the Match: Riccardo Calder.