Gavin Strachan took temporary charge of the South Yorkshire derby, as Ferguson was banned from the sideline for one match, during the abysmal, and most boring derby to be known. 

Ferguson looked to have chosen an attacking line-up from the start, as Alcock, Coppinger and Chaplow dropped out to make way for: Stewart, Middleton and Tyson. So this is how the teams looked:

Doncaster XI: Neal, McCullough, Butler, Taylor-Sinclair, Evina, Gooch, Stewart, Keegan(c), Middleton, Tyson and Williams

Doncaster Bench: Stuckmann, Alcock, Lund, Lecygne, Chaplow, Davies and Mandeville.

Sheffield United XI: Long, Brayford, Collins, Edgar, McEveley(c), Reed, Campbell-Ryce, Baxter, Hammond, Adams and Clavert-Lewin.

Sheffield United Bench: Howard, Basham, Flynn, Coutts, Done, Wolford and Sammon.

Well, how do you start a review after witnessing a game of that standards. We never looked like we wanted to when from the first whistle, but to be fair neither did both teams.

Defensively we was poor, and we spent a large proportion of the game passing the ball back and forth between our back four, instead of moving the ball forward to start an attack. After eventually finishing passing between the back four, they then attempted to make an attack, and we just lost instant possession, which enabled United to attack, but fortunately for us they was poor on the attack today.

One thing that I don’t understand was how we can go from just one month ago playing a fantastic game against premier league opposition, Stoke, and then struggling to pass the ball, and make a derby interesting.

The only positive to take away from this match was Paul Keegan, Paul was captain, and worked really hard during the game, and tried to get everyone organised and be really commanding, and I think along with Coppinger has potential to become a regular captain for us.

On the other note Andy Butler is usually used as vice-captain, but Keegan was chose over him today, and after poor defending from Butler him self saw Sheffield United score, he was substituted after half time, so could Ferguson be making plans for Butler to move else where? I don’t know what I would think if he left, in my opinion it would depend on who we signed as a replacement.

In other Rovers news, today saw Billy Whitehouse leave Doncaster on a months loan to F.C. Halifax Town for some first team football, personally I think it would be beneficial to keep him their all season, just for consistency, because I can’t see him being used any time soon at Doncaster.

Next up, Barnsley, will this be a better derby? It’s certainly a must win!

My Man of the Match: Paul Keegan.