Marko Marosi comes on at half time in 1-2 uninspiring Tuesday night at the Keepmoat Stadium, as Port Vale continue the 8 year trend, of Doncatser not being able to beat them.

Two changes for Ferguson’s team coming into this match as McKenzie and Keegan drop out, and in comes Lund and Chaplow.

Rovers XI: Stuckmann, Alcock, Lund, McCullough, Taylor-Sinclair, Evina, Grant, Coppinger, Chaplow, Gooch and Williams

Rovers Bench: Marosi, McKenzie, Main, Lecygne, Mandeville, N’Guessan and Keegan.

Port Vale XI: Alnwick, Yates, McGivern, Duffy, Dickinson, Dodds, O’Connor, Grant, Kennedy, Hooper and Leitch-Smith.

Port Vale Bench: Neal, Purkiss, Foley, Brown, Kelly, Robinson and Inniss.

Well where to start with that game. In my opinion, I think that, that is one of the worst performances under Ferguson’s reign, however it happens at some points to teams, and teams do come back from it, and with a little bit of magic Ferguson will deffinetley get a reaction next Tuesday v Walsall, when Rovers former manager, Sean O’Driscoll returns to the Keepmoat Stadium.

Doncaster began the game dangerously as they was punished on the counter attack with several shots against Stuckmann, and these counter attacks ended up costing Doncaster 3 points.

In the second half back-up goalkeeper, Marko Marosi, came on for an injured Stuckmann, who previously landed a bit dodgy after making a great save. Marosi for me is a passionate player for Doncatser, and I think with more game time he will come good. If Stuckmann isn’t fit enough for next week I will deffinetley be backing Marosi in goal, however if Stuckmann is fit enough then I would deffinetley consider bringing in a shot-term goalkeeper, and send Marosi out on-loan for same first team football.

Also, tonight the performance highlighted how much we’re missing players, such as Tyson and Stewart. Tyson, is a massive confidence booster for Williams, I think, because you can tell by the way Williams plays, and feels more confident with him on pitch with him, and Stewart is a game changer, who we have seen come off of the bench to get us back into games.

Eddy Lecygne came on during the second half for his debut, however I don’t feel I saw enough of him to judge him just yet, so we’ll have to give him time, and maybe when he gets a first team place we’ll really be able to assess him then, but like Marosi I have full confidence in him if he is placed into the starting 11 one week.

My Man of the Match: Cedric Evina