This morning Darren Ferguson confirmed his first signing as Rover’s manager, and that signing is Everton midfielder Conor Grant on a one month loan. 

Grant is apart of Everton’s youth academy, before joining the team permanently in 2013. In early 2015 he joined Motherwell on loan, where he made eleven appearances, scoring 1 goal, and that 1 goal came on his debut match. Grant is winger, who uses his left foot. This could mean that Taylor-Sinclair could lose his starting place with Evina dropping back to left-back, and then Grant coming in on left-wing to add some balance. Grant will be expected to make his debut on Saturday, which is coincidentally Ferguson’s first home match, which is against Colchester United.

To me, Grant looks like a good signing, but we’ll have to wait, and see on Saturday. It could go one or two ways. He could be a Keshi Anderson, who brings freshness to the squad, and is one of first names on team sheet week in week out, or he could be like Horsfield where he doesn’t make much of difference if he’s playing or not. I really hope he is an Anderson, and can add some energy to quite an old midfield. Also, this may be a good signing to feed some balls up to the midfield, but we still do need some defenders in, and we need them now, so hopefully this is the first of many signings to come!